Our Inflatables

King Croc Slide

The Croc is a monstrous two-lane slide.  At almost 30 feet high, it is always a crowd favorite.

Dimensions:  Width - 15 ft, Length - 39 ft.

Sabre Tooth Tiger Slide

The Sabre Tooth Tiger is our more tame slide coming in at about 20'.

Dimensions:  Width - 22 ft, Length - 40 ft.

Wacky 22' Dual Lane Slide

Wacky 22 Foot Dual Lane Slide.  Fun for children and adults.  It measures 22' High x 14'3" Wide x 29'6" Long.

Screamer Slide

The Screamer is a 22 foot high single-lane slide.  

Dimensions:  Width - 17 ft., Length - 30 ft.

Gone Fishin Wet/Dry Slide

The Gone Fishin slide is a Wet/Dry combo slide perfect for a wide range of ages.

Dimensions:  Width - 15 ft, Length - 39 ft.

Tropical Water Slide

The Water Slide is an 18 foot high single-lane slide with a pool.  It can be used wet or dry and is very popular during the summer months.

Dimensions:  Width - 10 ft, Length - 30 ft

Midway Wet/Dry Combo

The Midway is a Wet/Dry combo with a slide and bounce area.

Dimension:  Width - 20 ft, Length - 17.5 ft, Height - 16 ft.

Firedog Combo Bounce

The Firedog is a combo unit with a bounce house and slide featuring a dalmatian character.

Dimension:  Width - 16 ft, Length - 20 ft, Height - 17 ft.

Jungle 4-in-1 Combo

The Jungle 4-in-1 is combo with a bounce house and slide featuring an elephant character above.

Dimensions:  Width - 15 ft, Length - 15 ft, Height - 17 ft.

Birthday Combo Bounce

The Birthday Cake is a combo unit with a bounce house and slide and is perfect for birthday parties.

Dimensions:  Width - 15 ft, Length - 15 ft, Height - 17 ft.

Race Car Bounce

The Race Car is a race car themed bounce house perfect for smaller events that don't require a combo bounce.

Dimensions:  Width - 13 ft, Length - 13 ft, Height - 13 ft.

Crayon Playland

The Crayon Playland is the perfect ride for the younger children featuring fun obstacles and a small slide inside.

Dimension:  Width - 26 ft, Length - 15 ft, Height - 12 ft.

Turbo Rush

The Turbo Rush is a two-lane obstacle course that provides 54 feet of fun.

Dimensions:  Width - 20 ft, Length - 27 ft, Height - 15 ft.

High Voltage Dual Lane Obstacle Course

Wacky Mellenium AC Obstacle Course is 60 feet of fun for children and adults.


It measures 17' high x 14' wide x 60' long.

Adrenalin Rush II

The Adrenaline Rush II is a larger more challenging obstacle course better suited for teens and adults.   

Dimensions:  Width - 27 ft, Length, 40 ft, Height - 16 ft.

Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is a fun game where three participants are harnessed to a bungee and compete against each other to see who can go the farthest.  Great for teens and adults.

Dimensions:  Width - 15 ft, Length - 32 ft, Height -- 9 ft.

Moon Shot Game

The Moon Shot is an inflatable game where participants use balls to try to knock down floating spheres.  Fun for all ages.

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