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18' Arch Wet/Dry Slide


The 18' Arch Slide is perfect for indoor/outdoor events of all kinds, our arch slide with pool is sure to be a hit during those hot summer days. This slide can be used Wet/Dry

Dimensions: 18' High x 12' Wide x 34' Long.

The Tiger


The Tiger is our most "DANGEROUS" slide. Enter and Exit through the tiger's mouth! 

Dimensions:  20' High x 22' Wide x 40' Long.

Dual Lane Sunshine Wet/Dry Slide


The Dual Lane Sunshine Wet/Dry Slide is double the fun! This slide features dual slides with splash landings at the end. ​

Dimensions: 20' Long x 15' High x 18' Wide 

Wacky Dual Lane


The Wacky Dual Lane Slide is fun for kids AND adults. Climb to the top of this 22ft tall colorful slide and race to the bottom!

Dimensions: 22' High x 14'3" Wide x 29'6" Long.

The Shark Wet/Dry


The Shark is a Wet/Dry slide perfect for all ages! Climb up the ladder to the shark's tail and slide down through its mouth!

Dimensions: 20' High x17' Wide x 35' Long.

The Croc


The Croc is a monstrous two-lane slide.  At almost 30 feet high, it is always a crowd favorite. Fun for kids and adults!

Dimensions:  30' Hight x 15' Wide x 39' Long

*Pricing shown DOES NOT include tax and delivery.
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