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Bungee Run


The Bungee Run is a fun game where three participants are harnessed to a bungee and compete against each other to see who can go the farthest.  Great for teens and adults.

Dimensions:  Width - 15 ft, Length - 32 ft, Height -- 9 ft.

Axe Throw


This DUAL lane axe throw is fun for all ages! Two opponents per lane give this interactive the potential for 4 players at one time! This is always a crowd pleaser and is perfect for large events!

Basketball Tic Tac Toe


This Basketball Tic Tac Toe game is sure to bring out your competitive side! Two players battle to see who can connect 3 in a row of their color basketball! Its harder than you would think!

Dimensions: Width - 6ft x Length- 11ft x Height -12ft

*Pricing shown DOES NOT include tax and delivery. 

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